Welcome to Total Lockdown!


It’s ComRay News again – and, as always, with some great news on the Total Lockdown reality show! We’ve significantly improved interaction with our anti-cheat system, so that the process of identifying dishonest players has become much more effective. But the most important changes have affected Season Pass and Novice Pack. Now one can really benefit by purchasing those: when you buy a Season Pass you can get, depending on the level, a Valkyrie costume, paint for it and a unique emblem. The Novice Pack was replenished with the Huntress costume and paint for it. If you have already purchased Season Pass and /or Novice Pack, then the rewards due to you will soon arrive in a beautifully packaged gift. You can read more about all the above and other changes here. Stay with us. There is only one way out of this skyscraper – through victory. It’s time to have fun! 1. Rewards for Season Pass    The following rewards have been added to Season Pass:      Season Pass Level 2 – The Valkyrie Costume,      Season Pass Level 4 - The "Cyan" paint for the "Valkyrie" costume,      Season Pass Level 6 - The "Agent of Death" emblem; All players who purchased Season Pass earlier and have already reached the needed level will receive appropriate rewards in gifts. 2. Store Changes The following items have been removed from the store: the “Valkyrie” costume, the “Cyan” paint for the “Valkyrie” costume, the “Death Agent” emblem; The “Sheriff” costume has been returned to the store. 3. Other We’ve significantly improved interaction between the game client and our anti-cheat service; The “Huntress” suit and paint for it have been added to the Novice Pack. All players who have already purchased the pack will receive both the costume and the paint as gifts.