Welcome to Total Lockdown!


It’s "ComRay News", folks! We have a message for everyone who’s still wondering when the update would come out. Here’s the message. Immediately send your family and relatives camping, take vacations and days off, because the update is already here! Every shot will be counted, as well as every breathless opponent – we know our stuff. Immerse yourself into the most brutal reality show of the nearest future playing "TLD" with the First-Person View. Get acquainted with the new member of the cast. By the way, if you have not changed military camouflage to a more stylish outfit yet, then you have a great opportunity to do it with a substantial discount. Win beautifully! All this and much more is already waiting for you in Total Lockdown. It’s time to have fun!Complete list of changes: New developments:  - In-game rewards that mark various achievements of players during battle;  - Player Statistics;  - Leaderboard and rating calculations.  - Another version of the commentator has been introduced – the female one;  - New phrases for the male commentator have been added;  - Voiced comments for the player’s actions have been introduced. They can be regulated when choosing the outfit for the character.  - We’ve added markers that can “highlight” an enemy, an object or a position.  - A unique type of cartridge for the "Puncher" sniper rifle has been added;  - Now it’s possible to switch to the First-Person View. The option can be found in the settings in the game lobby. It’s possible to bind the switch to a hotkey.  - We’ve added text filter for character names. Now there is the name length limit: no more than 15 characters.  - The mouse inversion regulation has been added;  - The main menu design has been changed; - We’ve increased the number of obstacles on the locations; - Music has been added to the main menu; - We’ve also added a special sound signal that triggers when you enter the range of a motion sensor; - Holograms now copy the character model you are playing. - Now it’s possible to bind the change of the “point-of-view” shoulder to a key in the settings;  - Now it’s possible to bind the “pick up all” action to a key in the settings;  - Now, holding the TAB key, the player can see the contents of the suitcases/magazines and everything that is on the floor around.  - The behavior of bots has been improved.  - A new character outfit has been added to the game store;  - The 50% discount on all character outfits is now active in the game store.  - We’ve changed the appearance of all weapon models;  - We’ve changed the names of all weapon models;  - We’ve changed the characteristics of all types of weapons;  The following changes occurred with weapon upgrades:  - The magnification of optical scopes has been changed and now amounts to x1.75 and x3.  - Weapon magazines now come in two levels:  1 - increased capacity magazine,  2 - increased capacity magazine with accelerated recharging.  - In addition, weapon magazines are divided into the following types:  - for assault rifles,  - for pistols and submachine guns,  - for sniper rifles,  - for shotguns.  - Compensators are also divided into two types:  1 - for assault and sniper rifles,  2 - for pistols and submachine guns.  - Silencers are also divided into two types:  1 - for assault and sniper rifles,  2 - for pistols and submachine guns.  - Butts are divided into three types:  1 - for assault and sniper rifles,  2 - for submachine guns,  3 - for shotguns.  - The shield mechanics has been reworked. It has a one-sided collision and a certain number of "hit points" - and if those hit points are reduced to 0, the shield will disappear.  The following bugs and errors have been fixed:  - Barrels no longer hang in the air under the platforms of the Terminal Floor;  - The possibility to get to the ceiling of the 24th floor has been removed;  - The possibility to push yourself with a shield through the ceiling or the roof of an elevator has been removed;  - We’ve fixed problems with the mini map that occurred during the floor selection;  - We’ve fixed the absence of marks on the expanded map after the radar is triggered;  - Every newly-created character will be a 1 level character, with correct avatar and chevron;  - We’ve fixed the bug with the animation that occurred when jumping on the spot;  - We’ve fixed the bug with the camera during character death from gas or falling;  - We’ve solved the problem with highlighting the players on the boxes on the Parking Floor;  - The incorrect display of the floor between the 13th and 14th floors when viewed from the upper floors has been fixed;  - Knocked down character cannot pick up and drop items with TAB anymore;  - The radar no longer works before the battle start;  - First-aid kits no longer “stick” to your hands when healing is interrupted;  - We’ve fixed a lot of holes in ceilings and floors;  - All bindings to the mouse wheel are now displayed correctly;  - Death from falling is displayed correctly;  - The group leader can no longer leave the group after joining the queue;  - We’ve fixed the problem that caused lags when you removed a player from the group in the queue;  - Now, to enter Medical Units on the Parking Floor a player needs a key card.