Welcome to Total Lockdown alpha test!

Battle Pass

It’s ComRay News again, with a very important message on the most cruel reality show of the XXI century - Total Lockdown! The following major update is just around the corner, and this is what it will contain. In Total Lockdown, Battle Pass contains many valuable bonuses: From unique emotions and dance moves to special costumes and weapon paints. This season Battle Pass has 200 levels, and on each of them there is a special reward waiting for the player.

You’ll be able to express your attitude to a particular situation or an opponent not only verbally, but also with the help of a universal language - dance. In a wide range of dance moves you’ll find suitable ones for any occasion.

A variety of character voices. The participants of «Total Lockdown» show differ not only in appearance but also in voice and temperament. Several types of dubbing will help to provide your character with a unique personality.

Put signs and drawings on the walls of our skyscraper! It can be a formidable warning to the enemy or a subtle trolling, or a symbol of your epic victory - a wide choice of images will provide complete freedom of expression.

Small emblems that can be attached to the characters’ clothes to expand their identity. Properly selected chevrons can tell a lot not only about the characters but also about the views and hobbies of players themselves.

The best and semplest way to share your feelings with other players. Universal, readily recognizable emotions will make it easier for you to communicate and interact. Socialize, friends!

What we call «costumes» in Total Lockdown are different types of character appearances. That is, full-fledged «skins» each with a completely unique look. The more of them the better!

And if you are satisfied with the existing costumes but want to experiment with the color gamut, then this type of prizes is what you need.

Why limit yourself with costumes if you can add colors to the weapons too? In Total Lockdown, even the murder tools should be bright and pleasing to the eye. Don’t you agree?

A solid set of unique portraits, consistent with the spirit of the dark but reckless future in which your characters live, fight and die. Choose the one you like!

In addition, major improvements are planned to the interface as well as the remaking of the game lobby, where you’ll be able to customize the look of your character, choose a voice, graffiti, a set of emotions, weapon colors and much more. The work on the update is coming to an end, and in the very near future we will announce the dates for its installation. Stay tuned! It’s time to have fun!

How much does Battle Pass cost?

450 rubles.

What if I buy Battle Pass later? Would it make any sense?

You can acquire Battle Pass any time before the end of the season. All rewards matching your current level, will became available to you immediately.

What if I want all the rewards but cannot play long enough to get them?

You have an opportunity to get any level you want with special tickets.

What will happen with received rewards when the season ends?

They’ll stay with you forever.

Is there any sense in playing if I don’t want to buy anything?

Sure. Even without Battle Pass, you’ll be able to receive some of the rewards.

How long is the season?

3 months.