Welcome to Total Lockdown!

Best multiplayer game

At the end of September, the Games Without Borders awards ceremony took place in China, as a part of the GWB project established by the game publisher Tencent Games and the IGDB portal with the participation of Microsoft, Sony, Intel, and other influential companies. And we are pleased to announce that Total Lockdown received the award as the "Best Multiplayer Game"! It was a real battle royale - our brutal reality show contended against hundreds of other applicants, and we can only hope that the review process didn't involve some poisonous gas. The Games Without Borders aims to search for innovative game projects with great potential but not yet on the release stage - projects that one way or another can move the entire industry forward. We are immensely grateful to the GWB for such honor, and we will make every effort to meet the expectations. Simply put, we'll try to do our best to keep Total Lockdown a cool breathtaking game that turns the familiar features of the Battle Royale genre upside down - and hope we'll have your support in this endeavor! Stay tuned, the show has just begun!